When I’ve asked clients what makes their firm different, often the first response is that they listen.

When I tell them that many firms say that, they add, “but we really listen.”

And I’m sure they do.

But just saying you listen isn’t enough. I’ve attended enough client facility conventions to know that clients are still skeptical. (Remember that you’re supposed to listen, just like you’re supposed to deliver a project on time and on budget. And some firms have been found wanting.)

So prove you hear them.

Get testimonials from clients who can describe what it’s like to work with your firm and what you achieved for them. Clients who can say that you heard their concerns and delivered a project that met all their needs and perhaps did even more.

Then do the basics. Demonstrate it in your project descriptions. Describe the client’s brief and what the challenge was. Then show how you responded in ways that made them beyond content – and hoping for another opportunity to work with you.

Potential clients will get to know what it means when YOU listen.

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