There’s nothing quite like seeing your marketing program attract new business. But all too often, firms get stuck in piecemeal efforts that just don’t work. Or they haven’t done the basic work to communicate their value and expertise.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re too busy to market one month and wondering how to pay salaries the next.
  • Other firms know about opportunities that you discover only at the last minute.
  • You’re expert in just one building type and that market is slowing down.
  • You excel in several different building types, but your clients come to you for just one.
  • Potential’ clients don’t have a clear idea of who you are.

With an effective marketing program, it could be different. You could have a full pipeline of work…Hear about projects before they hit the streets…Get calls from clients when they’re considering a new project…Achieve name recognition so your firm stands out…And have a diverse practice—with each sector a bread winner.

Richard Staub Marketing Services has helped numerous design practices get business. A marketing professional devoted to assisting firms develop clients and win projects, I have worked in the A/E/C industry for more than 30 years.

I understand the challenges that firms often face when trying to get business. You’re great at serving your clients, but on less solid ground when going after business. I will help you fix that. The programs we develop together are designed for your resources—both time and money. The goal is taking action and achieving results that improve your bottom line—and assure professional satisfaction.

Marketing success is a combination of common sense, continued effort and strategic thinking. It is relationship driven and client—not project-focused.

Once you’ve committed to a proactive program, the level of return builds with the confidence, energy and focus you bring to the effort.

To discuss your firm’s marketing program—and where you’d like to be—give me a call at 718.384.6136 or email me. I’ll be happy to review with you what’s working, what’s not, what you’d like to achieve and how to get there.