Whether you’re considering long term change or need immediate help with a current program—we will create marketing solutions tailored to your budget and resources.

Our services include:

Strategic Marketing Reports and Marketing Plans

Establish the long range planning and short term goals that focus your effort.Define your firm’s vision and set the roadmap to get there. Consider what success means, outline your goals, explore your firm’s identity and the important messages behind all of your communications. Then make a year-long action plan to realize those goals. My services will help you.


Defining and communicating who you are to the clients you want to win.Why will clients choose your firm? Fundamentally it’s because of who you are and the work you do. In short, your brand – your identity. It includes your values, how you handle client relationships, the kind of people you hire – and more.

Communicating it clearly so that you stand out will draw the clients you want. My services will help you do just that.

Business Development

Build the client relationships and network that win projectsWinning work requires good relationships with potential clients who are more likely to hire people they know. And getting advanced knowledge of upcoming projects requires a solid network of colleagues.

I’ll help you assemble a program that establishes and nurtures those relationships.

I can also assist in helping your firm enter new markets. Here is an outline of specific services.


Get your name, achievements and value in front of clients and opinion shapers.In challenging times, it’s essential to stay visible. There’s nothing like being featured in a print or on-line publication. Or making presentations at client conventions and symposia.

Whatever the vehicle, I will help you shape your message and materials so that you’re always on target. Here is an outline of specific services.


Develop materials – both print and on-line – that make a convincing case for your firm.Make every word count with compelling marketing materials, whether it’s your firm profile or a proposal for a significant project. Create texts and submissions that communicate your value to the audiences you want to reach.

I can assist whatever the scale of the project – from basic marketing texts to award submissions and white papers. Here is an outline of specific services.