Today there is a strong desire for the authentic and genuine. And that’s true of the companies and institutions who hire design firms.

They want to work with firms of substance, that are trustworthy, bring an informed passion to what they do and will be good company on a project.

“Realness” in all its aspects is the most important part of a design leader’s in-person exchanges with potential clients. That’s when the essence of a practice comes across directly.

But think beyond that person-to-person meeting. Does your website support what’s real and authentic about your practice and value? Is it consistent with what you present in person?

Does it communicate your passion, demonstrate your innovation, document your thoughtfulness?

Make sure your website and other materials prove that your firm is trustworthy and client focused; that they set you apart from the competition; and that they perform as a strong presence offering new insights and a continuing commitment to your clients’ success.

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