Are you an Architecture, Engineering or Construction Firm that:

  • Wants to Get into New Building Types
  • Is Ready to Grow
  • Wants Greater Visibility
  • Needs Business

But not sure how to take make it happen?

You’re not alone. Many architecture, engineering and construction firms that provide excellent services can lose their way when it comes to getting business. But you don’t have to.

If you’re looking for increased revenues, an energized business development program, greater visibility in the press, and an identity that really conveys what your firm is really about—I can help.

My passion is the built environment—and making sure architects, engineers, and construction companies get the opportunities they need to make it better.

richardstaub I’ve devoted my career to helping firms get business, even in tough times. Bringing over 30 years experience as a marketer working with large and small design and construction firms, my services focus on where you need assistance most—whether it’s developing a long term strategy for getting clients or a defined program that requires a concentrated effort. And in all cases, I tailor the action to your resources of time and money.If you’re considering fixing or upgrading your marketing program, give me a call at 718.384.6136 or contact me. We can set up a time to talk or I’ll come meet you at your office. I want to hear your concerns, big and small, and your biggest challenges in getting business.

Help is on the way.