First imagine the firm and business you want to have—and then build a big-picture plan for getting there.

Strategic Marketing Reports and Marketing Plans

Strategic Marketing Reports

This is the foundation for all of your marketing efforts. It looks at your firm vision, outlines goals and analyzes all the pieces necessary to achieve them.

The process includes first looking at the big picture:

  • Setting long term business and professional goals
  • Articulating your vision and mission
  • Determining your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles
  • Establishing your identity and brand and how well you’re communicating it
  • Focusing on the key messages you want to convey to clients
  • Outlining what differentiates your firm from its competitors

And then looking at how well you’re doing right now. That includes:

  • Evaluating how well you convey the value your firm delivers
  • Reviewing your print and electronic marketing materials for effectiveness
  • Examining your business development program for results
  • Exploring how the marketplace sees you
  • Determining the core areas where you need action
Marketing Plans

To keep marketing activities a priority, create a year-long schedule that provides a to-do list for all of the essential parts of your marketing program. The keys to success are making sure what you’ve planned is doable for your firm—and starting early to meet due dates. The process includes:

  • Setting goals and monthly tasks for each area of your marketing program: business development, publicity and marketing materials
  • Meeting monthly to determine how you’re doing
  • Exploring and taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise