Many architects feel they can design anything. And in theory, with research and the right help, that’s true. But many US clients are reluctant to trust that premise. They look for designers with a track record in their building type. After all, who wants a designer to learn – and potentially make mistakes – on their dime?

But sometimes clients don’t have such stringent criteria. So how does a designer get them to take a chance?

It’s done in part by offering a sense of possibility of what she or he can design. By demonstrating how they’ve successfully solved challenges similar to the client’s whether it is creating a sense of community or building in flexibility.

By talking about innovations that have added value, showing exciting results, and demonstrating their understanding of the client’s world, firms new to a building type can give clients the confidence that they can make their project work.


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2 Responses to The Sense of Possibility

  1. I really enjoy the comprehensive approach to potential design solutions facing us and can not agree more as to the benefits progressive architectural design will contribute not only to society by allowing brilliant architects to flourish but spread their wings despite the many restrictions incumbent upon them. Lets hope we begin to see exciting possibilities not only in design but materials as well, come to fruition and let’s not forget the intrinsic artistic element which will stand for what most creatives initialy bargained for.

  2. a major market is healthcare renovation and retrofits…look at preconstruction planning…T2PDM…AIA 232, etc. …the architect exempt from budget and scope creep liabilities…in healthcare renovations, the exciting possibilities are in design and BUSINESS…Hospitals are not in the design and construction business, but are in the business of providing healthcare, for a FUNCTION, COST & SCHEDULE…oh! design. Gene Thibault 1/9/2015

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