Your website is where you offer your architecture firm’s credentials and demonstrate why you’re worth a client’s consideration.

We’ll take it as a given that you have the relevant experience, understanding, staff and approach. So it’s just a question of making clients intrigued about your firm and wanting to know just how able you are to realize their project vision.

But that’s assuming potential clients – such as educators, retailers, developers, heads of facilities, etc. – are your target audience.

My sense is that architects often have another audience mind – fellow architects.

For example, what client’s primary concerns would include – and I paraphrase from a firm profile – expanding the boundaries of architecture through an active analysis of information and the bravery to act on the resulting insights?

And from another firm profile, again a paraphrase: that when budgets are tight and sustainability is imperative, it’s essential to find new answers to architectural challenges that go beyond previous forms based on one designer’s solutions or the standard parameters.

When it comes to winning clients, always put their perspective first.  And that extends from relationship building to your marketing materials and proposals. Then do a great job on their project. Your design colleagues will be suitably impressed.

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