In every architecture practice there’s a potent force that can help promote the firm and win new clients, the professional staff.

Consider the investment your design professionals and other staff members are already making in the firm, their commitment to the success of each project and, by extension, to the success of the firm. Why not make the most of that energy and cultivate a firm-wide marketing culture that empowers them to help bring in work.

Their contributions will, of course, vary as will their skill and interest.  But it’s in the firm’s interest to discover what each person is willing to step up to – and give him or her the tools to effectively represent your practice.

While many of them won’t have direct client contact or engage in cultivating new clients, they will be working with suppliers and consultants who will have their own networks of information. And they’ll be reading articles you miss and have colleagues you don’t know.

The information they’ll provide can extend from project leads and introductions to potential clients, to news about expansion programs, capitol plans or that a company is rethinking its direction.

Provide coaching about what to say about the firm including the key messages. Let them know what kinds of clients and projects are of interest so they understand where to focus.

Remember that the more principals share about the firm, the greater staff loyalty and interest. And it will become one indicator of which professionals are committed to the firm’s future. (Naturally some kind of incentive in proportion to the information delivered will be welcome and appropriate.)

Bottom line: you have everything to gain.

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