Why talk about value?

Because it’s what clients care first and foremost about , whether they define value as a high design profile, great function, or most units per floor. So in this post recovery era, they continue to scrutinize how to get the most out of their project dollars.

That means they want to know from architects what level of value they’ll deliver.

But there’s a problem. Many architects either don’t talk about value at all – or undersell the value they provide. And that occurs in both describing and differentiating the firm – and in talking about particular projects.

There’s a tendency, when describing the firm, to not acknowledge and describe the accrued knowledge and ability that comes with having focused on a particular building type. It’s assumed that the experience speaks for itself. Except that architects should be connecting the dots – and not hoping that the clients will do it for them.

Similarly, when describing a particular project, descriptions often tell what the building or interior consists of, but what about how it solved the client’s challenges. Or the innovations that were introduced, or how the architects helped the client rethink the project to be more effective. All of these are value statements. And they help potential clients relate their challenges to your solutions.

A firm establishes its identity and differentiates itself by describing the value it delivers – both overall as a firm and in the descriptions of individual projects. Take that away, and clients are left wondering what makes your firm special. And you never want them thinking that.

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