When clients offer A/E/C professionals straight talk about what makes a good pitch, it pays to listen. And that’s what happened at a winter SMPSNY event devoted to art of the elevator pitch – three clients from different building sectors offered trenchant advice about what gets their attention.

Start by being clear about who you are, what your firm is about, the services it provides and why they should listen to you.  Make your intro simple and to the point. Focus on what is important to the client with ready examples of how your firm’s experience is relevant to them.

Be honest about your real capabilities.  If there’s a question you don’t know the answer to, say you’ll get back to them.  All three heads nodded when one client offered that she has a nose for when she is being fed a line. So keep it real.

Hopefully, you’re at the beginning a long, successful relationship, one based on honesty and value.

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